This project will be a pioneer in developing as an aggregation business model for the rendering industry similar to what UBER is to the urban transport industry.

Brief introduction

The project envisages the setting up rendering plant at Kanjikode Palakkad District of Kerala for an investment outlay of INR 2,395.67 Lakhs. The project has immense financial promise and can impact the local environment positively by providing an avenue for the burgeoning waste generated from the consumption of poultry products. The projefct aligns itself with the central government projects such as ‘Swachh Bharat’ and the new Kerala state government mission of ‘Clean Kerala’1. The entire country including Kerala today is facing a huge crisis in solid waste management, with the rise of income and consumption. Municipal bodies are unable to cope with the quantities of waste and are helpless to control the dangerous and unscientific practices being resorted to by unscrupulous elements. The situation has reached crisis point and various government and entities are now exploring option to include private industry in devising a solution to the problem