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George Antony

CEO – Green Earth Feeds

George Antony is a promoter hailing from an entrepreneural family based in Kerala, India with extensive experience in the operations of farms, plantations, shipping and industrial manufacturing.

He is a graduate from Loyala college Madras, with an MBA from XLRI, Jamshedpur.

With more than 35 years of working experience, he developed a passion for providing a solution for the growing problem of environmental pollution caused by the burgeoning poultry industry. For this he travelled to different countries and visted a number of manufacturing facitilies to come with an ideal eco friendly and socially committed rendering project that would bring a behavoural change in the community.


Abhijeet Ajit Upadhye

Rendering Consultant

Abhijeet is a chemical engineer by profession  with over 28 years of industry experience. He has been involved with complete solutions in the field of heat transfer, mass trasnsfer, protein recycling and rendering, HVAC, rubber and polymers technology and enviornmental projects.

He has executed projects in South East Asia, China, America, Austalia and parts of Europe.

He has established successful plant operations from procurement to production of dry and wet protien rendering and recycling for poultry meal, meat bone meal and fish meal. He is currently involved in servicing more than 40 rendering plants across the APAC region.

george_mathew New

Dr. George Mathew

Energy Consultant

Dr. George is a “Certified Expert in Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability”. He has more than 26 years of experience in the field of clean and environment friendly solutions. He has designed and engineered solutions in the following sectors over 2 decades: energy efficiency and management, waste water treatment, waste management solutions, waste to energy and bio-remediation.

He is the founder and CEO of TeamSustain, one of the oldest and leading clean tech companies in the world and one of the most awarded system integrators. He spearheaded the operations of the company right from its inception in 1994 and transformed it into a brand leader catering to the engineering service requirements of the clean tech sector around the world. Under his stewardship, the company has innovated, engineered and executed more than 2000 major projects in various domains of clean technologies.

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Narendhar Reddy

Process Consultant

Narendhar is a process engineer having many years of experience in the rendering sector in India and several Asian and European countries. He has worked in many rendering plants where he dealt with plant design, maintenance and operations, water treatment sytems, effluent treatment plants and steam boilers.

He has worked in multiple countries (The Netherlands, Turkey and Ukraine) and is familiar with high volume plants.

He worked in the UAE as a maintenance engineer to set up a comprehensive end to end poultry chain project from hatchery to processing plant. He has been trained by one of the world’s leading companies in this sector which manufactures machineries for rendering plants.